My Cooking recipes

Here is one of my favorite chicken dish’s.

first you need four chicken breast depending on how many people you are feeding.                 you need a big can of green beans or at least 8 to 10 small cans. A big frying pan, butter bacon, provolone cheese, a little bit of honey, and some oregano.

after you get all that, turn on the stove to about a three if you have a gas stove. then let the pan heat up for a second then put some butter in the pan as much as you like then let the butter melt most of the way then cut a slice down the middle of the chicken then rap a piece of bacon in the provolone cheese and put it in the middle of chicken. then put ( if the pan is big enough ) two chicken breast in the pan then let the chicken simmer a little. the put green beans around the chicken let them fry but not to long then put some oregano on top of the chicken. Then put it on a plate and it’s ready to serve. that if is for two plates at a time.