here is some advice on an everyday thing

i’m going to tell you something, but you might not understand just yet depending on your age .

everybody has some tragedy’s in there life, but there will be one tragedy that is beyond what you can handle, but you will eventually overcome it.

You won’t know the depth of that tragedy until encounter it, but each other persons tragedy is made to only be a little passed the line, the line that marks what you can handle depending on how hard you take things your tragedy could be as simple as not getting over a girl. Most of it has to do with your emotional level. The more emotional you are the less serious your tragedy will be. The less emotional you are the more serious your tragedy will be. If you end up handling your tragedy the wrong way you might just end up a criminal or you might just end up a drunk or a miserable mess. It’s about how you Handle things. Everybody has tragedy’s one day it will be the most simple thing you can think of, the next week or two you will know it keeps getting harder and harder. If your the type of person who says life is too short to worry about certain things, that’s good but depending on the type of person you are thinking like that might just make your life harder.


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